Saturday, 18 June 2016

Bitcoins and Faucet List-Free Satoshis

UPDATE MID FEBRUARY 2017-  Hello!  This list was for FaucetBox users which has closed down.  I'll let you know more when I find out more.  Best! -CA$HCAT

UPDATED: August 2016 :Hello!  This is a blog about Bitcoin and Altcoins and an updated Faucet list so if you want to possess some Satoshis, you can without spending money:

The List:
(for Accounts):

Big Payout: Goes Dry sometimes: 1400 satoshi every 720 minutes

Direct Pay To Your Wallet of choice after total attained:

Etherium Faucet:




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  4. Any B.S. Rotators will be swiftly removed.

  5. Any B.S. Rotators will be swiftly removed.

  6. Send me info about this. around 2007 someone was selling BitCoin and I bought some but cannot find the info.

    1. Hello, are you looking to cash them or save them if the rate increases? Send me an email address and I can help. Cheers and if you bought more than one whole bitcoin that has been sitting in an account untouched then you might have some good news :) .

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